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Choose Drain Pro to save $100 when you buy and install any water heater or filtration system.
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Affordable Water Filtration And Softening Services

Does your drinking water have a funny smell or taste, or does it give you dry, irritated skin? If so, you need to call on the seasoned professionals at Drain Pro Plumbing, Inc. for same-day service at great rates.

When you choose us for the job, you'll be able to take advantage of our 1-year warranty on workmanship and labor.

Installing All Types Of Filtration And Softener Systems

• Single and double tanks
• Charcoal filters
• Carbon-element filters
• Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems
• Salt-free filters
• Potassium filters

Eco-Friendly Water Softeners Have A Variety of Benefits

• Removal of chlorine, sulfur, and biological contaminants
• No water spots in your bathroom and kitchen
• Healthier skin and hair
• Brighter and softer laundry
• Spot-free dishes
• Reduction in scum build-up
• Appliances (like dishwashers) and bathroom fixtures
• Pipes will last longer and will have less buildup

"Awesome!! He was running a bit behind but called before the appointment to let me know. He was professional and worked quickly. Faucet works great now!!"

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